Wini Lizbet Set to Perform at Timmy Pharell Entertainment Party in Birmingham

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Afrobeat sensation Wini Lizbet is set to perform tonight in Birmingham at an event organized by Timmy Pharell Entertainment. The event, titled “Who the F*ck is DJ Consequence Party,” will feature Wini Lizbet among other top celebrities from Nigeria, Africa, and around the globe.

The party will take place at 30 Lower Tower Street, B19 3NH. Tickets are available at TIMMYPHARELL.CO.UK.

Wini Lizbet continues to make a name for herself across the United Kingdom, becoming a household name with her magical and lyrical stage performances. The event aims to attract fun seekers from Birmingham and its environs.

Fans eagerly anticipate Wini Lizbet’s performance, which is expected to be a highlight of the night, showcasing her unique blend of Afrobeat rhythms and captivating stage presence.

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