Anioma State Creation: Senator Ned Nwoko Gains Critical Backing From Delta Senators

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By Peter Oriri

The bill seeking the creation of Anioma State, sponsored by Senator Ned Nwoko representing Delta North Senatorial District, Delta State, in the 10th Senate, aims to carve Anioma State from the present Delta State in the South-South region and establish it as the sixth state in the Southeast region. This initiative has gained significant support, with Senator Joel-Onowakpo Thomas (Delta North) and Senator Ede Dafinone (Delta Central) both backing the move to ensure the bill’s success.

During a media briefing with journalists in his National Assembly office, Senator Nwoko expressed satisfaction with the progress, noting that the collaboration among lawmakers from Delta State marks a significant shift in the longstanding quest to create Anioma State. He highlighted that this effort has been ongoing for the past 50 years and voiced confidence that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will help realize this goal, emphasizing the concerted efforts to bring all stakeholders together.

The Anioma people, a predominantly Igbo-speaking ethnolinguistic group and nationality, are located in present-day Delta State, Nigeria. They inhabit the communities spanning the nine northeastern Local Government Areas of Delta State. The name ‘Anioma,’ meaning ‘the good and prosperous land,’ was coined in the 1970s.

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Senator Nwoko articulated several reasons for the creation of Anioma State such as Cultural Preservation and Identity: The Anioma people have a distinct cultural heritage and identity that they wish to preserve and promote. Creating a state dedicated to their cultural and historical context would ensure that their traditions, language, and customs are safeguarded and can flourish.

Also the creation of Anioma State would spur economic development in the region by attracting investment, improving infrastructure, and creating job opportunities. This would lead to better utilization of local resources and enhance the overall standard of living for the Anioma people.

It is believed that stablishing Anioma State would lead to more efficient and localized governance. It would allow for more targeted development projects and policies that address the specific needs and aspirations of the Anioma people, thereby fostering a more responsive and accountable government.

Furthermore creating Anioma State, the Anioma people would achieve greater political representation and influence. This would ensure that their voices are heard at both the state and national levels, promoting fairer allocation of resources and political power.

Senator Nwoko expressed his openness to any group seeking clarification on why Anioma should be created after five decades of efforts, underscoring the importance of this initiative for the Anioma people and the broader region.

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