Jos DISCO Compensates Electrocuted Victims: Community Commends MD/CEO

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As a result of the compensation of Victims and relatives of electrocution in the Kabong community in Plateau State by the Management of Jos Electricity Distribution Plc, members of the community have last Friday commended the Managing Director, Engr Abdu Bello Mohammed.

Led by the Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning, Barrister Peter Nyam Gai, the community explained that even though the circumstances that brought them together were unpalatable, there were things that could not be changed.

“And those things that you cannot change, there is nothing that you can do about it. But life has to continue. And we want to thank you [MD] for your leadership role and your maturity in piloting this project [compensation] by bringing it to a logical conclusion”, he disclosed.

Continuing, the commissioner who was full of appreciation for the Managing Director, Engr Abdu Bello Mohammed thanked God for the peaceful resolution of the impasse saying, “In all situations, even in war, we will end up in a round table. And, this is what we have achieved. The victims have been fully compensated.

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According to the press statement issued by the Head, Corporate Communications, Dr Friday Adakole Elijah it was disclosed further that following the compensation those who were in business before the incident have gone back to their businesses while some have bought houses with which to put roofs on their heads.

To forestall future occurrences in the community, Barrister Gai, disclosed that the community leadership has instituted mechanisms aimed at sensitising the people on how to handle Electricity matters stressing, “This will enable them to know that sometimes illegal connections or building under high tension lines are dangerous”.

While calling on the Management of Jos Electricity Distribution Plc to employ some dependants of the Victims to be able to sustain themselves as some of their breadwinners have been killed by the mishap, the commissioner thanked the Management of the company for their corporate social responsibility activities in the area since the incident.

The Community leadership dolled out an award to the Managing Director, Engr Abdu Bello Mohammed and the Head Security Officer of the company, Alhaji Musa Abdullahi in appreciation of their roles in quick and peaceful resolution of the impasse.

Responding, the Managing Director, Engr Abdu Bello Mohammed who said he felt overwhelmed by the kind gesture exhibited by the Kabong community said, “Honestly this community will be here today to confer on us those precious gifts shows how kind the people are. Thank you for the visit to JED Plc”

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He said that though the incident of 14 October 2023 was really unfortunate, “it has however created a window of opportunity for us to come together to become friends and brothers. The incident was most unfortunate. Honestly speaking, it really shocked the entire JED family from the level of the chairman to the last person. I remember when it happened, I was in Kaduna and couldn’t sleep that night, and it was very horrible. The number of people who died, got injured and lost their properties is monumental”

In an emotion-laden tune, Engr Mohammed said, “We cannot bring back the lives of those that are gone, the best we can do is to continue to pray for the repose of the souls. We will also continue to pray for fast recovery of those that were injured with a commitment that we will be together to support each other”.

He disclosed that the incident as soon it occurred instantaneously spread very far and wide to the extent that the National Assembly invited the Management of Jos Electricity Distribution Plc for interrogation “though the issue was not heard because I think they saw the understanding of the community and also the response from us so they kept the issues in view to see what we were going to do. I thank God that this issue has been resolved to the glory of God Almighty”.

“We appreciate your understanding in this trying moment and we also appreciate your friendliness and understanding otherwise, this particular case is capable of turning the entire state upside down honestly speaking. That is why at my level and with my staff, I did not take this as a joke. Anything that has to do with life, We take it very seriously. We don’t joke with it”, he said.

Engr Mohammed who admonished relatives of the victims to take solace in God said it was the will of God that this has happened, saying, ” We pray that in God’s infinite mercy, such things will not occur again.

The Managing Director who thanked the Honorable Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning, Barrister Peter Nyam Gai disclosed that since the incident, both of them have been in touch and therefore commended him for his humility which he said he employed in the handling of this case.

“I can define the commissioner as a very honourable person. The person that wants Peace and progress especially when it comes to the Kabong community. So we cherish you and we thank you. We appreciate you”, he said.

He was also full of praise for the entire leadership of the Kabong community saying, “For the Kabong community, the able Chairman, if not for your role and for the Youth Leader, the whole of the plateau would have been burnt down. And d this is exactly why we want Alternative Dispute Resolution so that every community in Nigeria would toil part of peace which will enable us progress very well as a country”.

” On this note, I would like to profusely thank you. Appreciate you and pray for a peaceful co-existence within the community and outside and we also pray that such incidents will not happen”

“I have heard your request and I have taken notes. I am going to act on them and I promise you that we will do our best to see that we have cleared it”, he assured.

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