Minimum wage is not the answer, living wage is what is good for Nigerian workers -Opposition leader, Chinda

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says we’re solid behind labour for a living wage

… insists N70k can’t take care of a family in a month

but labour must follow all the rules while carrying out this

The Opposition leader of the House of Representatives, Rep Kingsley Chinda has said what the Executive arm of government should be considering is a living wage for Nigerian workers not a minimum wage.

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Chinda made this disclosure while chatting with journalists in Abuja on Friday declaring that:

“A minimum wage of N70K cannot solve the problems of a family which consists of a wife and four children as legally recognized by law, what we should looking into is a living wage.

Chinda who is on the same page with the Speaker of the HoR Dr Tajudeen Abass while chatting with State House Correspondents had also spoken in the same vein calling for a living wage.

The minority leader further explained that: ” We believe that the issue of corruption can be drastically reduced if we pay a living wage and it will ignite the spirit of believing in the state.

“Pay Nigerians a living wage it will solve a lot of problems, let’s see how we can pay affordable living wage, let government look deeply into it.

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“As a caucus we solidly support labour for that but they must follow the rules while pursuing this to a logical conclusion.

“The position of governor’s that they cannot pay more than N70K, it will not solve any problem, let government sit with labour and see what is affordable and practicable.

“I think the law recognizes one wife and four children, can N70K pay rents and feed them, how much is the price of a bag of rice.

“Nigerians are angry because they believe that there’s so much wastage and I have seen them publishing homologous salaries that we earn but if you pay a living wage the situation will change.

“We the caucus support a living wage without compromise but labour must follow the laws because two wrongs can never make a right.

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