Abuse of Office: Group Calls For Immediate Dismissal of Suspended ACG Gidado Fari From NSCDC

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……….From Commandant to Alleged Criminal Mastermind – Shocking Revelations Surface

A fervent call for the immediate dismissal of the suspended Assistant Commandant General (ACG) Mahmood Gidado Fari from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has been sounded by the Citizens Initiative Against Corruption.

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In a letter addressed to the Honorable Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, dated May 7th, 2024, and signed by its National President, Comrade Hussain Danladi, the organization levied grave allegations against the suspended ACG Gidado, including gross misconduct, abuse of office, and rape, among others.

The scathing letter alleges a litany of offenses committed by ACG Gidado, asserting that his actions flagrantly violate the Public Service Rules. Described as a personification of serial arrogance and misconduct, ACG Gidado stands accused of multiple transgressions, ranging from insubordination to abuse of human rights.

Of particular concern is the allegation of sexual assault, with ACG Gidado purportedly being implicated as a serial rapist who targets female officers under his authority. This egregious behavior directly contradicts the principles upheld by the NSCDC and undermines its commitment to enforcing constitutional provisions, including those relating to gender equality and human rights.

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Furthermore, the letter highlights ACG Gidado’s suspension for gross insubordination towards the Minister and the Civil Defence, Correctional, Fire, and Immigration Board. Despite his suspension, ACG Gidado allegedly continues to engage in malicious activities, including sponsoring defamatory articles against the NSCDC and engaging in partisan political endeavors, in violation of Public Service Rules.

The allegations against ACG Gidado extend beyond his conduct within the NSCDC. It is claimed that he has a history of involvement in illicit activities, including recruitment and arming of terrorist groups during his tenure as State Commandant in Nasarawa State. Additionally, he is accused of financial impropriety, fraudulent behavior, and evasion of promotion exercises over a decade.

Despite his self-proclaimed academic credentials, ACG Gidado’s integrity is called into question, with allegations of academic deceit and moral bankruptcy casting a shadow over his purported qualifications.

The Citizens Initiative Against Corruption contends that ACG Gidado’s continued presence in the public service not only undermines the integrity of the NSCDC but also poses a threat to the administration’s efforts to combat corruption and restore trust in government institutions. They argue that his dismissal would serve as a deterrent to others with similar inclinations and send a clear message that misconduct will not be tolerated.

As calls for accountability grow louder, the fate of ACG Mahmood Gidado Fari hangs in the balance, with the government facing mounting pressure to take decisive action in the face of such serious allegations. In the quest for a renewed hope and integrity in governance, the swift and resolute handling of cases like this is imperative to uphold the principles of justice and transparency.

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