NNPP pass vote of no confidence on Gov Abba Yusuf, demand immediate resignation within 48 hrs

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Stakeholders of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in the 19 Northern States have passed a vote of no confidence on the Governor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf Abba.

The party chieftains under the aegis of Concerned NNPP Stakeholders said they have been left “disappointed with the path our beloved party is taking, especially in Kano State. “

This was contained in a communique issued on Monday and jointly signed by the President, Hon. Attahiru Musa, Secretary, Hon. Simon Pam, Chairman Communique Drafting Committee, Comr. Ibrahim Mustapha, and Secretary Communique Drafting Committee, Haj. Fatima Anuhi.

The stakeholders noted that the party has failed in Kano state, stressing that the NNPP leadership in the state has been “worse than the government at the centre and the previous administration.”

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They, therefore, pass a vote of no confidence on Governor Yusuf and “demand that he should sit up or resign with immediate effect.”

The communique read inter alia: “Ascending to power in Kano State was no mean feat. The party succeeded in selling its philosophy to millions of citizens who craved a change from the old guards. Governor Abba Yusuf was considered as the fresh air to clear the mess of successive governments. To the ordinary resident, Abba was a messiah.

“Sadly, however, the NNPP leadership has been worse than the government at the centre and the previous administration. As stakeholders, we can no longer pretend that all is well when clearly, nothing is working. Kano State was supposed to be the model for the Federal Government to follow.

“It was supposed to be the epicentre of good governance and quality leadership. However, we have been left in disappointment, without a voice to challenge the APC government.

“The lack of party ideology and developmental plans for the masses.

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“Painfully, there seems to be no clear ideology at the moment. Our party lacks developmental plans for the masses. Governor Yusuf seems to be on a personal vendetta against his predecessor while the masses suffer. He has sustained attacks on Alhaji Umar Ganduje as though he is not the governor.

“While he continues the witch-hunt, there has been nothing on the ground to justify the sharp increase in statutory allocations to the state since May 29, 2023, when President Bola Tinubu assumed office. What a shame!

“Through propaganda and the use of state-owned institutions, he tries to divert the attention of the people of the state from his inefficiency and cluelessness. Kano is now infamously known as the theatre of absurdity.

It added: “It is settled that Abba Yusuf Abba as governor has exposed the party to public ridicule through his inability to perform after one year. We, therefore, pass a vote of no confidence on him and demand that he should sit up or resign with immediate effect.

“He can not be chasing wind at the detriment of the state’s growth and development. Subjecting the future of the party to possible rejection in subsequent elections.

“Number 5 of our party’s objectives state: ‘To provide the necessities of life, i.e qualitative mass education, free primary health care, food and water, housing, roads, security, economic empowerment for all Nigerians.’ Unfortunately, none have been witnessed in Kano.”

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