High Chief Eloho Insists Senator Obiorah Forged Title Documents, He Should Face The Law

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In response to recent allegations circulated by Senator Ikechukwu Obiora regarding property ownership and purported court orders, High Chief Jacko Eloho, the Managing Director of Jackmaq International Company Ltd, has issued a comprehensive statement to clarify the situation.

Following thorough investigations initiated by the Nigeria Police based on a petition submitted by High Chief Jacko Eloho, it has been determined that the title documents presented by Senator Obiora, Managing Director of Corporate Ideals Securities Ltd, for Plot 413 Cadastral Zone A09 within Guzape District, Abuja, are forged.

In an official report dated November 6, 2023, forwarded to the Director of Land, AGIS, it was unequivocally stated that the documents in question were deemed fraudulent. 

This revelation not only discredits any purported court orders but also implicates Senator Obiora and his company in criminal activities, including perjury and forgery.

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High Chief Jacko Eloho has urged the Inspector General of Police to proceed with the recommended charges against Senator Obiora and Corporate Ideals Securities Ltd. Despite delays in prosecution, efforts have been made to ensure justice prevails, including petitions to the Attorney General’s office.

Moreover, High Chief Jacko Eloho emphasizes that the property in question rightfully belongs to Jackmaq International Limited, and cautions the public against engaging with Senator Ikechukwu Obiora or Corporate Ideals Securities Ltd in any transactions related to Plot 413 Cadastral Zone A09, Guzape District, Abuja.

In the press statement signed by the Managing Director of Jackmaq International Company Ltd High Chief Jacko Eloho, noted that the company is reputable entity with a commitment to integrity and transparency in all business dealings. Established with a vision for excellence, the company upholds ethical standards and strives to contribute positively to society.

Chief Eloho reiterates the urgency for legal action to be taken against those involved in the forgery and emphasizes the importance of upholding the rule of law in property transactions.

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