Budget Padding: CSO Warns against Attempts to Undermine Legislative Oversight

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In the wake of escalating tensions surrounding allegations of budget padding within the National Assembly, the Save Nigeria Forum (SNF), a prominent Civil Society Organization (CSO) dedicated to promoting good governance and accountability, has issued a stern rebuke against what it perceives as attempts by certain opposition groups to undermine the critical oversight role of the legislative arm of government.

The SNF expressed deep concern over the surge of unfounded accusations and efforts to tarnish the integrity of the National Assembly, particularly concerning alleged instances of budget padding. Such actions, according to the SNF, not only jeopardize the credibility of the legislative institution but also pose a threat to the foundational principles of democracy upon which Nigeria is built.

The position of the CSO was contained in a press statement it issued in Abuja and jointly signed by its Convener, Abdul Ahmed and Executive Director, Mansur Adegbite.

Reaffirming the constitutional mandate of the National Assembly to scrutinize executive proposals and ensure transparency in the allocation of public funds, the SNF underscored the indispensability of robust oversight mechanisms in fostering governmental accountability and nurturing public trust.

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The organization lamented the exploitation of genuine concerns surrounding budgetary processes by certain opposition factions for political gain, cautioning against the dissemination of baseless accusations and the propagation of divisive narratives that risk eroding public confidence in democratic institutions.

In a resolute stance against attempts to undermine the credibility of the National Assembly, the SNF urged all stakeholders, including political parties, civil society organizations, and the media, to uphold the sanctity of democratic principles and refrain from engaging in actions detrimental to national unity and cohesion.

Moreover, the SNF called upon the leadership of the National Assembly to remain steadfast in their dedication to serving the interests of the Nigerian populace and safeguarding democratic norms.

Emphasizing the imperative of unity and collaboration in confronting the nation’s challenges, the organization reiterated its support for efforts aimed at promoting accountability, transparency, and good governance within the country.

In a final declaration, the SNF extended a vote of confidence in the leadership of Distinguished Senator Godswill Akpabio, the Senate President, and Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, dismissing calls for their resignation as baseless and politically motivated.

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The organization affirmed its commitment to safeguarding Nigeria’s democracy and advancing the collective interests of its citizens.

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