IWD: NGOs Empower Women with Tools and Cash to Enhance Their Businesses

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By Oriri Peter

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, the Olean Care Aid Foundation (OCAF) supplied women with tools and cash to support and expand their small businesses.

OCAF, in collaboration with the Assured Charity International Organization (ACIO) and Isioma Akamagwuna Foundation (IAF), organized the event to ensure a better life for the women.

Our correspondent reported that the event, held at the Garki Police Barracks, gathered over 300 women from Garki Village, Airport Road, and Mararaba to enable organized distribution of tools to diligent women genuinely in need of support.

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Mrs. Oge Ezenyimulu-Nwagu, Founder and CEO of OCAF, expressed her gratitude for meeting the needs of women and how it inspired her to start her NGO and seek collaborations to expand their reach.

“This is something I’ve personally been doing for a long time from the profits of our business. Unfortunately, it’s never enough.

“So we decided to open an NGO to get more people to support and reach out to as many people as possible,” she said.

Nwagu added that investing in women was a sure way to promote economic growth.

“It gives me joy to see people smile and see that they have something to do, especially women.

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“Because I’ve always believed that when you empower one woman, you have empowered the household and the nation at large,” she said.

The philanthropist added that their donation targeted the needs of women engaged in either business or providing services in exchange for money.

“We went out of our way to understand what some of these people do, and then we bought some of those equipment for them.

“So if you are in the Akara business, and you have told us how long you’ve been in that Akara business, we expect that we want you to expand.

“In trying to make you expand, we give you an extra Akara pan, the long spoon, guinea corn, and other things you need to expand your business.

“We saw that we chose to give some tools for their businesses and some cash to augment whatever they have in terms of their capital base and food stock,” she said.

She advised others to support more women in establishing their businesses.

“My expectation is, I would like so many other people to come out to start encouraging women to help them establish their business,” she said.

Mrs. Isioma Akamagwuna, Founder/CEO of Isioma Akamagwuna Foundation (IAF), highlighted how women would benefit from the various tools and equipment provided for their businesses.

“Putting these resources together will empower some of them in the little ways we can.

“Those starting a petty business can receive the grinding machine. There’s also foodstuff to reduce hunger due to economic hardship,” she said.

She expressed concern about the poor welfare of women and encouraged others to help women with whatever they can.

“Women are not catered for as they should. It is a worrisome situation.

“It is not that the money or the fund is there, but just something we put together as friends and family.

“And we thought it wise to assist them because when you empower a woman, you empower the family,” she said.

She urged the government to include more women in society as their impact is invaluable.

“I ask that the government carry us along in whatever they are doing in society because a woman can carry responsibilities and bring solutions.

Mrs. Uche Onwagbufor, Anchor, Culture, and Creative Arts, FCT UBEB, advised the FG to invest more and include more women in the country’s affairs.

“Government should involve more women in most of the affairs they’re doing, not only men. Remember, this world is not only for men; it is combined, and at times, we women have the patience to undergo some pressure than men.

“God gave us the special endowment to prevail against men. Maintaining a healthy family is not easy; the woman is always there to take care of the children and handle even bigger tasks.

Hon. Anjor Obande, Special Guest/National Programme Manager, National Social Investment Programme Agency (N-SIPA), encouraged women to apply diligence to their work as it is always rewarded.

“My women, whatever you find to do with your hand, do it with pride. Anything you do, God will multiply it.

She shared a story of becoming a breadwinner in her family after her husband lost his job. She switched from mechanical engineering to fashion design and became an international brand.

“God created us to bless the work of our hands. So stay diligent in what you do,” she said.

She promised to support the women in any way she can.

“I’m going to do my best to see how I can support you. I thank God for this opportunity. Please, let’s be grateful for what we have now, and more will come by the grace of God,” she said.

Janet Luka, a beneficiary, thanked the NGOs for collaborating to assist women and encouraged others to help women.

“I thank these NGOs for coming together to help women. It is a very good thing, and I am happy that every woman here will go home with something.

“If you have it in your heart to help women like us, please come to our aid. We have really been suffering,” she said.

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