Speaker Abbas Inaugurates Committee On Nutrition and Food Security To Tackle Nigeria’s Food Insecurity Crisis

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By Oriri Peter

In a landmark event at the National Assembly Complex, on Thursday, Rt. Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, PhD, Speaker of the House of Representatives, presided over the inauguration of the House Committee on Nutrition and Food Security. 

With Nigeria grappling with a severe food crisis exacerbated by climate change, inflation, and insecurity, the Committee’s establishment marks a pivotal step in addressing the nation’s pressing challenges.

With an estimated 26.5 million Nigerians facing high levels of food insecurity in 2024 and the country bearing the second-highest burden of malnutrition globally, urgent action is imperative. Children under the age of five are particularly affected, with 32% suffering from stunted growth or chronic malnutrition. Additionally, 35 million children under five years old are impacted by malnutrition, while 17.7 million individuals face hunger.

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The Committee’s mandate is clear: to formulate legislative measures aimed at mitigating food insecurity and malnutrition. This includes reviewing existing legislation and proposing new frameworks to address agricultural production and the food supply chain. 

Given the recent withdrawal of government subsidies on petroleum products, resulting in rising food prices and increased living costs, the Committee’s role becomes even more crucial.

Speaker Tajudeen expressed confidence in the Committee’s capacity to tackle these challenges head-on, urging collaboration with relevant stakeholders to achieve success. Emphasizing the House’s commitment to improving food and nutrition security, he underscored the importance of agricultural development in stimulating economic growth and reducing poverty rates.

As the Committee embarks on its mission to combat food insecurity and malnutrition, stakeholders and experts are called upon to provide support and partnership. 

The inauguration of this Committee marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s legislative response to the ongoing crisis, signaling a united effort to address the nation’s pressing food security challenges.

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With the formal inauguration concluded, the Committee stands ready to embark on its critical mission, guided by a commitment to serving the best interests of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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