Benue State National Assembly Caucus Condemns Governor Alia’s Blame Game Amidst Security Concerns

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By Oriri Peter

The Benue State National Assembly Caucus has strongly criticized Fr. Hyacinth Alia, the Executive Governor of Benue State, accusing him of prioritizing blame-shifting over addressing the pressing security challenges facing Benue residents.

The caucus condemned the ridiculous activity of the Governor, who spoke in vernacular that “It has been discovered that some members of the National Assembly wrote a letter in the name of the State Government and took the letter to the border between Nigeria and Niger and invited Fulanis to come to Benue State as there is no longer any problem.

These are the bucket people (empty, hollow people) that we are dealing with. This is why you have seen the influx of herdsmen with cattle into the state everywhere now. The people who have done these are indigenes of this state. You wonder what they are even thinking. Their target is to discredit my administration. But no one can discredit my government.”

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The caucus, led by the Minority leader of the Senate, Comrade Patrick Abba Moro, vehemently refuted these allegations, labeling them as baseless, malicious, wicked and a deliberate attempt by the governor to evade his constitutional responsibilities, divert attention from the governor’s ineptitude and incite the good and suffering people of Benue State against their lawmakers who are only speaking on their behalf as their representatives.

The caucus further states unequivocally that they are NOT authors of any such letters) let alone take same to borders between Nigeria and Niger to invite Fulanis to come to invade their beloved State.

The caucus notes with dismay that the outing of the governor in the said video show that he has completely run out of ideas on what to do to secure the state.

Addressing journalists after a caucus meeting, Senator Moro emphasized that the accusations were not only malicious but also aimed at diverting attention from the governor’s lack of effective governance.

Furthermore, the caucus expressed disappointment in Governor Alia’s use of derogatory language towards members of the National Assembly, highlighting their educational qualifications and commitment to serving the people of Benue.

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The caucus asserted that their advocacy for improved security measures in the state is devoid of political motives and solely driven by the desire to protect the lives and property of Benue residents.

They called upon the relevant security agencies to investigate the governor’s allegations thoroughly, dismissing them as unfounded and ludicrous.

Reacting further, the caucus urged Benue residents to disregard the governor’s attempts to shift blame and emphasized the importance of prioritizing security and governance over political gamesmanship.

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