Analyst Urge Benue Stakeholders, State Actors To Support Governor Alia’s Administration

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A public affairs analyst and commentator comrade Michael Isaac Onuh is calling and urging stakeholders and state actors to support the administration of Benue State governor Rev. Fr Alia’s administration.

While addressing pressmen, Michael appealed and urged major stakeholders to sheath their sword and support the administration of the governor for the betterment and advancement of the state.

“No state can develop or make any meaningful progress when the major stakekholders and state actors are at loggerheads with accusations, allegations and counter accusations, allegations always”.

“I am appealing and pleading with all our leaders in various capacities and levels to sheath their sword and give peace a second chance for the sake of posterity and also, the governor Alia’s administration should be open to accept constructive criticism”.

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Michael called on the state governor Fr. Allia to continue with the people’s friendly reforms and policy he has started because with the facts available at our disposal at the moment, the governor is currently meeting the yearnings of the people to a large extent and is also carrying out it’s campaign promises at the moment.

“He’s paying salaries, pensions regularly and carrying out major construction of several roads and overheads bridges like the high-level flyover currently now and he’s also developing critical infrastructure in the state, major reforms in the health sector with the appointment of Dr Hwande as CMD of Benue State University is the right choice and decision as the hospital is currently being transformed to a world class hospital right now.

Hence, the need for all major stakeholders and state actors to join hands and support the administration irrespective of the political divide and differences.

Michael is also appealing and calling on the governor to extend the developmental strides recorded in the state to all zones particularly to zone C.

Michael stressed further, as a matter of urgency the state government must ensure the state is well secured by providing security for the people particularly the areas like Agatu, Logo areas etc that are being attacked constantly by marauding herdsmen as providing adequate security will attract more investment to the state and the governor should encourage production and consumption of locally made goods and services as Benue State is the food basket of nation, if this is done, the state will move forward rapidly and experience more growth.

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On tackling the issue of insecurity, Michael called on the government to address the issues urgently and in achieving it, other major stakeholders and state actors like the traditional rulers, religious leaders, civil society etc should be involved and the locals should be encouragement to volunteer or give local information to the security agencies and also if it will be possible, the renumeration of all armed forces posted in to the state should be reviewed upward as nothing meaningful can be achieved without security in place.

As we can see now, “Benue State is currently well recognized at the federal level with the appointment of Senator George Akume as the SGF and the state must leverage on such privilege and opportunity to attract more development and rapid growth”.

The peace and stability of the state should not be traded for anything irrespective of the differences and grievances, Michael stressed.

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