Big Smart Named Africa’s Top Hype Man of 2023

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By Oriri Peter

Joseph Oche Udeh, widely known as Big Smart, has clinched the title of Africa’s number one hype man for the year 2023. The accolade was officially disclosed by Scream Magazine Africa via their Instagram handle on Monday evening.

Among the notable personalities featured in the list are Dod2dtun, Jaybreeze, Mc Fish, Active Boy, Shaye Banks, G.O.E, Manolo Spanky, Voltage of Hype, Ak Smuth, and Hard Vantage. The list further includes M.I.A, Meed, Hype Beast of Lagos, Barry D Hype, Onyebuchi, Drop, Rooboy, Wozy Vee, K Bumper, and Vert.

Highlighting the significance of hype within the entertainment sphere, Scream Magazine emphasized its pivotal role in shaping the music culture in Nigeria. The surge in demand for hype acts in 2023 propelled the art to new heights, promising an even more impactful presence in the upcoming year.

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Big Smart’s impact extends far beyond the borders of Africa, with his international performances serving as a testament to his influence on the global stage. From captivating audiences in the bustling cities of the United States of America to igniting crowds in the cultural hubs of Europe and Asia, Big Smart has consistently showcased the vibrancy and dynamism of African culture through his electrifying performances all over the World.

Through his captivating stage presence and infectious energy, Big Smart has become an ambassador for African culture, his ability to seamlessly blend traditional African sounds with contemporary beats has earned him widespread acclaim and has played a significant role in promoting African music on the global stage.

Beyond his artistic prowess, Big Smart is recognized for his unwavering support for Northern Nigeria, embodying the values of humanitarianism, bridge-building, and national unity. With his boundless energy and magnetic persona, he has emerged as the face of hype in Africa, ushering in a new era of exhilarating performances and redefining the landscape of hype culture on the continent.

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